DOB: 07/15/2012
Sire: Kennedy's Wild Ticket to Ride at Caramuru 'TRISTAN'
Dam: Caramuru Tomorrow Never Knows
Bred By: Fernanda Barlow & Gisele Borges
Owned by: Fernanda Barlow, Vivianne Mello, Matthew Dover & Billy Covalucci

BAER: Normal -
CERF: Normal
JHC DNA: Clear - By Parentage

08/02/2013 - Liv was Best in Specialty Show at the Gold Sierra BT Club in California, beautifully shown by our dear friend Pamela Preston, under judge Mr. Lawrence "Skip" Stanbridge.
07/04/2013 - New Champion!! Liv finished before 1 year old with 4 majors, going Best of Breed over Specials for a 4pt major.
07/03/2013 - Liv wins her third major
04/21/2013 - Liv wins her second major
04/20/2013 - Liv wins her first major
04/19/2013 - Liv wins her first point

    Ri-Ja's Into The Night CH. Ri-Ja's Johnny Trevor
CH. Ri-Ja's Miss Mariah
Al-Mar's Grab a Cab
 Al-Mar's Can We Talk UK CH. Wildax Top Gun
CH. Al-Mar's Mustang Sally
Kennedy's Wild Ticket to Ride at Caramuru
BISS AM/CH. Pequoag GateKeeper For Kennedy ROM** CH. Kennedy's Bravo Play'n For Keeps ROM****
BISS CH.Pequoag's Designer Genes ROM
CH. Kennedy's in Your Wildest Dream
BISS CH. Kennedy's Knoty Snow Angel MTO BISS Am/Can CH. Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley ROM*****
CH.Davane-Dunhoff On The QT
BISS CH. Sunwood's Date With Destiny CH. Sunwoods Repeat Performance
CH. Sunwoods Comet By Cosmo
CH. Pic-A-Dillie Kennedy Of Bramley
CH. Pic-A-Dillie's Cosmic Sweetheart BISS CH. Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray ROM
CH. Sunwood Pic-A-Dillie
Caramuru Tomorrow Never Knows
CH. Al-Mar's Rodeo Legend At KPN ROM Ash-Lu's Audi
CH. Al-Mar's You Go Girl
CH. Kennedy's Caramuru's Last Laugh
CH. Sharon Valley's As Good As It Gets BISS CH. Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray ROM***** 
CH. Sunwood Ambiance ROM*