Fernanda Barlow was born in Brazil. The love for animals is in her blood as through her childhood she was constantly around animals. Her father, mother, sister and a couple of cousins are veterinarians. She grew up going regularly to her parents farms, and later on, for a couple of years she helped in her mother's Animal Hospital.

The Caramuru Kennel was established in 2006 when Fernanda bought a puppy. That little puppy stole her heart from day one, and driven by this love, she realized that she wanted to take her involvement with the Boston Terrier breed to a higher level.

Fernanda was already absolutely in love with the Boston Terrier breed, when in one of the dog shows they went to, her husband Roger met a French Bulldog and was awestruck at how gorgeous and sweet they were. It all started as a joke, but shortly after that day Fernanda and her husband were studying yet another breed and planning to bring home their first French Bulldog.

Although she doesn't have a pushed-in face, bat ears and has a totally different look of the other dogs, Abbey is Fernanda's childhood dream of having a Bull Terrier and now officially a part of Caramuru kennel. Abbey is a very special pet not only for her exotic appearance, but for her sweetness and charisma.

Due to the unique genetic faults commonly found in French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, Fernanda understands that the best way to reduce your risks is testing. the Caramuru bitches and males are extensively tested and x-rayed (trachea, hips, knees and spine) prior to breeding.

It's known that testing our dogs can't guarantee that they will never develop problems in the future. It's also known that there is no perfect dog. But testing is the only way to reduce the chances of having genetic problems passing on.

Caramuru Kennels health tests their Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs for typical breed illnesses and breed flaws. All Caramuru's dogs are tested for deafness ( Brain Auditory Evoked Response - BAER), Preliminary Patella Evaluations, genetic eye disease (Canine Eye Registration Foundation - CERF), DNA JHC (Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts).

The Caramuru males aren't available for public stud. Bitches considered for breeding must also have proof of health clearance and a copy of the their health test will be kept and archived by Fernanda Barlow at the Caramuru Kennel. They seldom have puppies, and only plan litters when it is believed that a particular breeding will yield something that they plan on keeping. From each litter born, they select the best picks to keep and all other puppies are placed as pets. Caramuru' Boston Terriers and French Bulldog puppies are placed in suitable homes and Fernanda remains 100% available to the new owners.

Fernanda prides herself on the fact that her dogs are members of the family. They are very much loved by Fernanda, her husband, their two daughters and her sisters who often come to visit.

Fernanda spends much of her time with her sister & best friend Vivianne (vixbull french bulldogs). Building on many years of loyalty, friendship, the two also share their excitement for the breed. Leveraging the skill an knowledge of the other, the both are able to better their lines.

Focusing on showing and developing champions, as well as quality companions, showing is Fernanda's hobby and her passion. She enjoys participating in the showing/breeding Community and is a member of the Boston Terrier Club of America, French Bulldog Club of America, Boston Terrier Club of New York, Sierra Gold Boston Terrier Club and Minuteman Boston Terrier Club.

Caramuru Kennel is located in California - USA. If you wish to know more about future litters, puppies and breeding rules, please contact Caramuru.